Отель-ресторан «Дворянское гнездо»

Staying at the hotel of the Noble Eyrie, you find yourself in a respectable, but cozy setting, answering to the most refined tastes.

The four storied building of the hotel is built in the art nouveau with elements of Russian architecture. Famous designers worked on her interiors, many elements of which where done to special order. The wrought staircase and chandeliers, stained glass windows - the work is creative and original, worthy to be called works of art in their own right. The walls and ceilings of the hotel are faced with a triple layer of paint with gold leaf, which recreates the atmosphere of a noble's estate. In the winter garden not one plant is repeated. The second level is adorned with a gallery of aquariums with sea and river species.

The entire setting, faithful to the style of a Russian noble estate, is naturally melded with the latest technology. The hotel is equipped with its independent power supply. The water comes from its own well and is filtered and mineralized, and is equal to any water found in Europe. The air in the building comes through a special preparation system and conditioner, which enables us to maintain the same temperature and humidity throughout the year. In each room it is possible to use an additional system of climate control so that you can enjoy your own climate.

On the first level of the hotel you will find a spacious foyer and a lobby-bar for twenty people.

The second level is joined to the restaurant, bar and hall for conferences and presentations through the gallery of the winter garden. The hall is equipped with the latest video equipment and projectors.

On the third floor the conference hall is located, business centre and a sushi bar.

Breakfast is included in the cost of your room. The possibility that you may be staying with children has been foreseen and it is possible to place additional sleeping space for children. Discounts exist for children.

The hotel operates twenty-four hours.

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