Отель-ресторан «Дворянское гнездо»

My Noble Eyrie

Green expanses of forest,
The gentle lapping of Duleva brook,
A wonderful creation for the people,
As the dreams of stars are captured here.

A creation worthy of human labor
Desires becomes ones reality,
The dreamy sleep of a magical tale
Can be imagined in the earthly dusk.

Begone at once the passions of the brave
Beneath the sound of wheels I hasten thence
The heart again beats fiercely
For the inspiration of the feast.

The star that rises in the east,
The creation of wondrous moments
You have returned to its source
To my Noble Eyrie.

Загородный отель Дворянское гнездо

Загородный отель 'Дворянское гнездо' The Noble Eyrie - a hotel restaurant complex of European class, located in the cosy corner of the Podmoskovie on the junction of the cities Yubileiny and Korolev, only 7 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Route. The complex is beautifully laid out in the natural landscape of the scenic forest territory zone.

The harmonious silver age architecture, the truly sumptuous appointments and the irreproachable service create a exquisite atmosphere in the Noble Eyrie. The surrounding countryside will enrapture you with the beautiful landscapes and designs, in which the Hunter's Lodge, Brazier Pavilion, a small summer swimming pool and a mini-golf course are laid out.