Отель-ресторан «Дворянское гнездо»

Rules of living in the hotel


The hotel provides accommodation for an interval allowed by Administration. After passing the allowed date a Customer should leave the room by Administration demand. If Guest wants to carry over the period of living, should handle it with Administration, but not later than 2 hours before check out tame (it is 12 o’clock p.m. on local time).


1. The hotel works 24-hours.

2. You are provided with the room if you show passport or identification card.

3. You can reserve your room before hand. Your order for reservation is accepted in written form, but the hotel has vacant rooms. While reserving, placing a customer may choose a type of the room, but the right to choose a    particular room belongs to Administration.   At entering payment for the first day of living at the moment of booking - the reserve is considered guaranteed and cancelled at delay more than for 24-hours. If a customer is late, the pay for not using the room, is taken, but for more than 24-hours. Without payment the booking is considered not guaranteed and cancelled at not arrival till 18:00.


4. Hotel provides customers with the following free services:

- Breakfast from 7:00 till 11:00

- Carrying and storing luggage

- Calling emergency, using fist aid kit

 - Calling taxi

 - Delivery correspondence on its receiving

 - Waking up buy particular time

 - Providing with sewing accessories

5.The pay for living and services in the hotel is taken according to free prices, approved buy Administration of the hotel.

6. The pay for living is taken from 12 o’clock p.m. on local time, according to an established check out time.

 7.In case of placing without reservation before check out time (from 00.00 till 6.00) the pay for living this interval is taken as for full day.

8.In case of living not more than 24-hours the pay is taken for 24-hours without accounting the checking in and checking out time.

9.In case of delaying check out, but not more then 6 hours, the customer should pay per hour.

10.In case of delaying check out from 6 to 12 hours after check out time, the pay is taken for a half of a day.

11.In case of delaying check out more than 12 hours after check out time the pay is taken for 24-hours.

12. Changing bed linen, bath linen and toilets accessories are made daily.

13. Unforeseen cleaning, change of linen and towels is made for an additional payment.

14. The restaurant works from 11:00 till 23:00.

15. After 23 at restaurant the additional pay is taken for service.


16.The customer must:

- To keep order established by Administration

- To keep clean

- To keep rules of fire safety

- To pay damage and destroying the hotel’s property according to current Legislation


17. Administration prohibits:

- To stay in hotel with unknown people, to pass them a key to the room

- To keep explosive materials and firearms

- To replace furniture in the room

- To disturb another people’s privacy

- To bring spirits and products

- Stay of visitors in room after 23:00 without registration (demonstrate of the identification card) and payment

- To be in territory of the hotel with animals


18.In case of discovering lost things Administration takes measures to return them owners. If an owner is not found Administration claims the finding to Police or local government.

19.In case absence of customer without warning more than 24-hours Administration has right to summon people to make a list of privet things.

20. Administration is not responsible for valuable papers, metals and money.

21.In case of complaining from customer Administration takes all possible measures, to decide a conflict.

22.The Book of replies and propositions is located at the Reception Desk and is given on customer’s demand.

23.In case not mentioned in this Rules Administration and Customer should follow current Legislation of Russia Federation.

24. Registration of foreign citizens is carried out

25. Visa support does not appear