Отель-ресторан «Дворянское гнездо»

Magnificent rooms have been prepared for our guests. 14 comfortable guest rooms are located on the 2-4 levels, they include:

  • 8 - single rooms;
  • 6 - double rooms, included in those are 4 double level rooms.

The furniture is made from natural wood and made to special order in Italy. All the rooms are equipped with television and computer systems with access to the Internet, electric safes from the Norwegian firm Elsafe. In addition to the system for cleansing air and conditioning, in each room there is a control for regulating temperature and humidity, providing a light current of air.

Each room is distinguished by its range of colors and interior design, more information about the rooms:

Type of rooms Price for 1 person, RUB Price for 2 person, RUB


5000 6000


6000 7000


8500 9500


15 000 (cottage N9 - 22 000, Vip 35 000)

You may reserve a number in our hotel here