Отель-ресторан «Дворянское гнездо»

Selena Group Company President A.M. Bondaruk:

«The nobles attempted to develop Russia, and therefore it is worth remembering their wonderful and noble traditions. Russia has always been strong on its foundations. We have changed the social and economic structures of the country but love for what is beautiful has always remained with us. The Noble Eyrie is a small corner in the renewal of our noble traditions, close to our hearts and understandable to all.»

Nina Ivanova, Kalinigradskaya pravda:

«…It is distinguished by good architecture, which is pleasing to the eye. And for that the Noble Eyrie will be remembered by every visitor, about that there can be no doubt. Everything that could be foreseen has been foreseen at the Eyrie, from the expensive bed linen in the rooms to the sumptuous menu in the restaurant, to the sensation of being along in the park and the new wooden nesting box in the birch trees beneath the window. In such a setting it is a pleasure to work and relax and relax and to work. One wants to say looking at it all «How modestly charming and bourgeois!»

Mayor of Yubileiny City, Moscow Region, V.V. Kirpichev:

«The completion of the complex the Noble Eyrie was necessary and is important. I am happy for those people who can fully develop Russia, who can work, make money and then can relax».

Mayor of Korolev City, Moscow Region, Aleksandr Fedorovich Morozenko:

«I would like to thank the talented entrepreneurs and builders who have brought to life such an original project. In a place like the Noble Eyrie one can receive a foreign delegation at the highest level. One has to take pride that there are people who are capable of creating such a wonderful complex for relaxation. There are needed and important, no less than roads and houses. «Beauty will save the world!»